Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training 1

Our customized, private lessons are created specifically for you, your dog, and your situation; with the added convenience and comfort of being held in your own home. Many cases are more effectively and appropriately addressed with the one-on-one attention that private lessons afford. Typically sessions are scheduled weekly and are a great option for owners who have time to consistently train with their dog(s) in between coaching sessions.

All private sessions start with an initial consultation, and in-home services can then continue with private one-on-one sessions. Common packages are outlined below.

Initial Consult

(60-90 minutes)

This is the first step when beginning private training. Consults are typically held in your home. During this time we will cover as much information about your dog and get a good grasp on your short and long term goals so we can come up with the best training plan possible. Several topics and exercises you can begin working on right away will also be covered. Whether you've just recently rescued a new dog, brought home a new puppy or perhaps are having some specific behavioral issues you'd like to rectify, an in-home consultation is the perfect first step to get you back on track and focused!

Lessons are 1 hour in length and include:

  • Training the dog

  • Coaching the owner how to teach the dog

  • Owner receives a customized training program

  • Owner receives instructions to practice what was learned

Private Dog Training 2
Private Dog Training 3

Common issues addressed in private lessons:

  • Before you get your puppy prep

  • Potty and crate training

  • Puppy nipping/mouthing

  • Leash reactivity

  • Therapy dog prep

  • Jumping up to greet

  • Excessive barking

  • Impulse control

  • Bolting

  • Pulling on leash

  • Come when called

  • Chewing

Packages Available:

1 Session

Perfect for pet parents wanting to address only one behavior or topic.

3 Session Package

Perfect for pet parents wanting to address just a few behaviors or topics.

6 Session Package

Ample time to teach a basic foundation then advance behaviors to create manners.

What you need for the first session:

  1. Proof of vaccination is required at the first session. Please show proof of your first round of vaccines.

  2. Have your puppy wear a flat, buckle/snap collar – no harnesses or training collars that tighten. Please have your pooch on a 6’ leash. “Flexi” leashes are not appropriate for training.

  3.  Don’t feed your puppy right before the session. Instead, have their kibble in a ziploc bag for use as lures and rewards while training. Also have a few extra-tasty treats to reward your pup for their best performances. Make sure your treats are in small, bite-sized pieces that won’t fill your pup up or take long for them to eat.

Canine Good Citizen

Dogpanion offers Puppy Star and Canine Good Citizen Training and Testing

CGC is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.